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Black Thursday showdown: Gilligan J. Dawg v. Her Uncle, Kevork the Rocky Mountain Spotted Retriever

Kevork the Underdog!

Black Friday now, so, colour-wise, it’s good to attempt positive-expectation plays as often as possible today. Where’s your edge? Is there an advantage?

Or are the bargains merely a mirage, and you’re rushing headlong and headstrong toward the entrance only to get trampled, ending up with a limp Elf on the Shelf at 10pc off instead of the laser-sharp 74-in. 4K TV for $699. It’s hard to tell! Be(s)t wishes!

All right, all right, ya philosophers! Take it easy. As we frequently do here in this space, we tap into some of the zeitgeist and anxiety going on in the world at-large. Some good programmes and articles of late, apropos of Black Friday:

Fear of being overturned, everything’s a cosmic threat, a savage and paranoid form of control, etc. In the end, a perverse sense of imaginary victimhood — all fabricated to rationalize immediate and reflexive hatred, violence, intolerance, etc.! Judgment without due process! Who knew!

As always, it’s saner to take the world as it is. Discover by doing. The only thing is now, one day at a time, etc. Stupid is as stupid does, pretty is as pretty does, etc. Etc., etc., etc. Hoo-boy.

At any rate, here’s some Thoroughbred horserace handicapping for yourself. Black Friday!

Frontrunners on parade in Churchill 6, Calder 5, Chas. Town 4, Chas. Town 5, Chas. Town 6, Chas. Town 8, Delta 8, PennNat 1, PennNat 6, PennNat 7.

Del Mar 1, Del Mar 5, Woodbine 5 look ready to be accounted-for via the sustained moves.

Longshots seem supportable in Churchill 5, Churchill 8, Delta 9, Del Mar 7, Finger 7, Hawthorne 1, PennNat 6.

On the other hoof, Churchill 10, Chas. Town 1, Chas. Town 7, Chas. Town 8, Del Mar 8, Fair Grounds 3, Hawthorne 9, Turf Paradise 7, Turf Paradise 8 rather appear less exciting.

The World Is Full of Self-Appointed Judgers. Why Not Discover by Doing Instead?

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