First Post: Saturday, November 25, 2017

Et tu, Bailey?

La-La Land ice-hockey mascot being sued for harassment, goosing a fellow male Kings employee. Very bad. Might have to stop wearing T-shirts bearing his likeness.

Frontrunners on parade in Aqueduct 6, Chas. Town 3, Chas. Town 7, PennNat 3, PennNat 4, PennNat 6. Rally looks right in Woodbine 10.

Morning-line fave seems OK in Churchill 6, Chas. Town 4, Hawthorne 4, Tampa 7, Tampa 10, Turf Paradise 5, Woodbine 8.

Playing for big(ger) numbers in Churchill 11, Calder 4, Delta 3, Delta 8, Fair Grounds 8, Golden Gate 7, Hawthorne 3, PennNat 2, PennNat 5, Turf Paradise 8, Woodbine 5.

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