First Post: Thursday, November 23, 2017

Walking Kevork early this morning, 23 mins. before 8 o’clock Pacific Standard Time, no distractions, no gizmos, no gadgets, just the open road.

No need for a jacket or sweater or even long sleeves or trousers, for that matter, running shorts will do just fine. It’s already around 70°F as far as the bare skin can tell. There are a few crunchy, crinkly burnt-orange leaves on the sidewalk, so thank goodness for that in the middle of what once were La-La Land’s Desert Origins. The newspapers still sit on the stoops and driveways, bulging with circulars as though it were a Sunday. The Times here (not London, not New York but Los Angeles) doesn’t have to be sheathed in cellophane: it’s warm, it’s dry and there’s 0pc chance of precip.

It’s too early to smell the roasting turkeys up and down Nichols Canyon, but come back down this same road in a few hours and the gastric juices will be flowing. The sun stares us right in the face anyway, heading due east, and two squirrels dart across our path with decidedly unsquirrelly conviction. Kevork lunges at them, but the EasyWalk® contraption keeps him in check. Two bags of solid canine waste later, we are going home again, the gentle sun at our backs. Time to eat, for Kevork, at least.

Frontrunners on parade in Aqueduct 8, Chas. Town 3, Chas. Town 4, Chas. Town 5. But the rally’s on the cards in Del Mar 3, Del Mar 8.

Longshots ready in Aqueduct 3, Churchill 10, Chas. Town 2, Chas. Town 3, Del Mar 1, Fair Grounds 8, Fair Grounds 10, Laurel 6, Laurel 7, Laurel 9.

Happy Thanksgiving now. Best wishes.

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