First Post: Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What about this guy, the one with the moustache in the clip here? It could go either way with him in terms of his being a harasser.

If he is one of ’em, he’s more along the lines of an H. Weinstein/J. Lasseter/D. Strauss-Kahn harasser: wide girth, giant-sized head, not exactly movie-idol quality in terms of the appearances. On the other hoof, guys like Chas. Rose, B. Affleck, E. Westwick, nice-looking men, why the harassment from them? Something inside all these guys, then, something about control, power, etc.

Frontrunners on parade in Churchill 6, Mountain 1, Mountain 2, Mountain 3, Mountain 4, Mountain 8, PennNat 1, PennNat 7, Zia 5, Zia 6

Longshot hopes in Delta 1, Delta 4, Mahoning 5, Mahoning 7.

Delta 7, Finger 8, Mountain 5, PennNat 5, Zia 8 seem to want to be won by something short-priced.

Let’s get something big today. Let’s be in Fat City.

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