Tuesday Sniping: Uncle Bill’s Pancake House Edition


Recommended cure for weekend hangovers, but be prepared to wait

A Manhattan Beach institution.

Fort Erie (!)
Race 1: #4 Scientazo
Race 4: #7 Ring of Glory
Race 6: #6 Tour Again
Race 7: #4 Helissio Sarasola
Race 8: #12 Tiger Hall
Bonkers Box (Race 4): #7 Ring of Glory – #4 Just Let Loose
Bonkers Box II (Race 7): #4 Helissio Sarasola – #3 Funcky Eyed Cat – #1 Vincenzo the Bull
Bonkers Box III (Race 8): #12 Tiger Hall – #1 Araz – #4 Mr. Gee Cee

Race 9: #6 Cat Squad

Race 6: #10 Charming Clare
Race 7: #1A Bizerk
Bonkers Box (Race 6): #10 Charming Clare – #6 Shelbysmile
Bonkers Box II (Race 7): #1A Bizerk – #5 Tyoga Six – #3 Grandpa’s Grad

Race 8: #1 Niche
Race 10: #9 Another Secret

Race 2: #7 A Marked Man
Race 6: #7 Jamaalaree
Bonkers Box (Race 2): #7 A Marked Man – #1 O. T. Kowboy
Bonkers Box II (Race 6): #7 Jamaalaree – #3 Elite Eyes

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Eat ’em up!

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3 Responses to Tuesday Sniping: Uncle Bill’s Pancake House Edition

  1. halochef says:

    when you come over for brunch ever we will make these!!!

    • Shoutoute says:

      Wow. That’s eatin’! I will take mine black-’n’-blue, still mooing on the inside. Some people go through their whole lives eating well-done beef. Ugh. As well, some people go through their whole lives without eating cheeseburgers or bacon-wrapped shrimp or just bacon. Dreadful.

      Now, would Louis Diat approve? More important, what is the prix fixe for such a brunch cooked by a Cordon Bleu-trained slanger of haute cuisine? This may be out of reach financially!

  2. halochef says:

    Oh Yes would approve and add vichyssoise and a nice lobster souffle. prix fixe is the cost of the Belmont EX win bet!!

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