Tuesday Sniping: Quick-&-Dirty Re-Reiteration Edition

Quick-&-Dirty Banner

Handicapping the Humans Handling the Horseys…

Not in the Form. Not on the racing broadcasts. Not from the mope next to you. Instead, right in your very hands. As it should be.

Defeat the loudmouths! They are not as good as their chest-pounding would suggest! You can do better. They’ve never done research such as this. You’ll start doing better once you quit ingesting up their pablum.

NYRA (100 trainers)
SoCal (100 trainers)
Both (200 trainers at a 25% discount)

Race 2: #7 A P’s Regal Ransom

Thank you. Best wishes. Please join us again tomorrow for the first “First Post” of your current racing week. Until such time, it’s goodbye. Goodbye.

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