Tuesday Sniping: Quick-&-Dirty Week Reiteration Edition

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Handicapping the Humans Handling the Horseys…

Add to your arsenal, build-up your knowledge base…

Plain-old pace-and-speed is insufficient. You need added tricks such as those provided in V6 at-large and its exciting new LifeLiner analyses in specific, and some radical supplemental information. These guides are some of the most radical supplemental information resources around. You will not be a lemming or a sheep or a drone bleating the same tired trainer stats. Oh, no. You will be much better prepared. You will begin to know these trainers like your own children, or like your favourite ballplayers. You will have no need to be one of those insufferable stat nerds lisping out the numbers with your index finger on the proper line of data. Trainer traits will be imparted to you like magic, and they will stick with you. This is the proper way to study trainers, for the fallible humans they are, not as robots who perform unfailingly in specialized situations.

Thank you.

NYRA (100 trainers)
SoCal (100 trainers)
Both (200 trainers at a 25% discount)

Fort Erie
Race 6: #10 Idratherbeatthespa (no, not truly)

Race 5: #4 Spunk
Race 7: #2 Blank Check
Bonkers Box (Race 5): #4 Spunk – #5 Two as One – #1 Ifoundmymojo – #3 Oatman
Bonkers Box II (Race 7): #2 Blank Check – #9 Empire Express – #8 Prince Raffie – #6 J T Kingfisher

Last stop, if necessary, at the Mountain. Otherwise, tomorrow’s “First Post” post. Until either such time, it’s goodbye. Ciao!

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