Monday Boxing: Year of the DRAGON!

Lunar New Year 2012

I Approve of The Dragon

Happy Lunar New Year! To the Chinese, the Year of the Dragon!

Race 10: #9 Mayday Maria (speed) – #2 Tickling Tori (final)

Race 4: #4 Suesawme – #6 Black ’n Silver
Race 8: #1 Spool Girl – #5 Ms. Lavender Blue

Thank you. Best wishes. Take it easy on the Tsing-Tao tonight because tomorrow brings an all-new edition of the weekly feature known as “Tuesday Sniping”. Until such time, it’s goodbye. Farewell.

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1 Response to Monday Boxing: Year of the DRAGON!

  1. GuyMartini says:

    That was a beauty, Tickling Tori {29.00} for Utey in the soup at the Keystone Santorium

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