Tuesday Sniping: Bushy-Tail Follies


’I need some winners! Gimme some winners! My boys Rocket J. & Secret are gonna put me out in the middle of the road if I don’t get them some winners. Two acorns to win...’

Winter elsewhere, but here in sunny Southern California, we have rodentia.

Opportunistic squirrel. A little tree-trimming to keep the birdies away and he takes over.

Race 5: #2 Save N Time

Chas. Town
Race 2: #7 Crimson Chrome
Race 3: #5 Lola’s Ridge
Race 5: #2 Dr. Spock
Bonkers Box (Race 3): #5 Lola’s Ridge – #9 Halo’s Ridge
Bonkers Box II (Race 5): #2 Dr. Spock – #10 Rutledge Star – #3 Gamberoni

Race 5: #9 My Nicky
Race 7: #3 Mountain Climber
Race 8: #3 Major Highway
Race 10: #1 Neat Lightning
Bonkers Box (Race 5): #9 My Nicky – #6 Dixie Notion – #1 Big City Deputy
Bonkers Box II (Race 7): #3 Mountain Climber – #2 Grande Gayego
Bonkers Box III (Race 8): #3 Major Highway – #1 Handsup Moneydown
Bonkers Box IV (Race 10): #1 Neat Lightning – #12 Hula Party – #6 Ladder to the Moon

Big action at the Pha. Our valued destiny may come to nothing, however, and we’ll all be roadkill.

Thank you. Best wishes. Tomorrow brings a new racing week, and with it the first “First Post” post of same. Until such time, it’s goodbye. Bye-bye.

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