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Maybe you aren’t of the high-tech persuasion. Or maybe you are, but prefer the DIY approach.

You still need the pars. They give you the vital baseline information you need to make accurate and intelligent track-to-track, distance-to-distance and other necessary adjustments.

In the acclaimed book version of the 2011 PARS PLUS, we show you how to do all of that and much, much more.

After reading this essential book and its supplemental materials, you will come away with a powerful, proven and logical approach for projecting running times specific to today’s race, no matter the track, distance or class level of the previous races.

In short, you’ll be able to convert with accuracy, precision and, most of all, complete confidence, that one-mile race from Del Mar to today’s seven-furlong dash at Santa Anita. Or you’ll be able to see how that six-furlong hotshot from the Aqueduct inner track figures to stretch-out to today’s mile-and-a-sixteenth at Keeneland.

In sum, no matter the conditions of the race you want to rate, you will know with 100 percent certainty what to expect in terms of how today’s race should unfold.

With pars, you get to project in real time, not some made-up, arbitrary rating scale. You know for sure that a :45.0 half-mile is significantly faster than one in :45.3. It’s tough to tell with figures and ratings. Time is much easier to deal with. And now you’ll be able to do just that.

Or if you are happy with your own homegrown software or spreadsheet-manipulation technique, simply plug in the electronic, comma-separated-values pars from our Programmer’s Pars CD-ROM. They fit quickly and quietly into Excel or any other similar program, and you’re on your way.

You’ll have pars for more than 80 North American tracks, all specialty “inner” and “about” courses included. And you can use them to your specifications. We report, you decide. We provide the data, you choose how to use it.

P.S. Ours is the par-time product that combines quality, quantity and, of course, affordability. Get the original and still the best — the Cynthia Publishing Company par times — jam-packed with the outstanding PLUS features at a better-than-competitive price. Otherwise, you absolutely paid too much!

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