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You know how good it feels after you take your car in for an oil change or tuneup? You drive out of the service bay and you can tell your ride is smooth and humming, nice and tight.

Or after you get your tennis racquet restrung, your skis waxed or your basketball or football pumped up with air — same feeling. Or treating yourself to a massage or a facial — you come out of there glowing like a new person.

Your All-In-One V6 software is no different. It always appreciates a good freshening-up, and there’s no better way to refresh it than with the latest and greatest set of Cynthia Publishing Company par times.

They’re up, they’re good and they’re shipping. Time(s) for a change!

Of course, it’s a big season to change them. Ever heard of Santa Anita? Yea, verily, it’s switched back to the good stuff, plain old-fashioned dirt. What about the great Fair Grounds? Man, they instituted a tricky 1m70y distance there. Evangeline Downs? An “about” turf course made its debut. Don’t you think you need the latest and greatest pars for those tracks?

Sure! And we’ve compiled them just so you and your program can know by how much they changed. We put the pars in at the start of the month and the differences are striking. It always pays to keep up-to-date. You, your V6 software and your bankroll are bound to appreciate it.

In short, whatever new and important happened on the racetracks of North America in 2010 (and even early 2011!), your brand-spanking-new 2011 Cynthia Publishing Company PARS PLUS par times and bonus materials will guarantee you stay on top and ahead of the game.

And there’s no better time to update! Some famous race held on the first Saturday in May is coming up in just about a nine days’ time. All the lovely springtime tracks are coming on line. The weather’s finally getting warm and clement, a perfect time to rediscover the game you love so much — with the software you love so much.

So get your annual software tuneup, restring your V6, massage some new data and life into your high-tech handicapping methods. Order your All-In-One V6 2011 PARS PLUS update today and start reaping the benefits straightaway.

P.S. Same applies to The Handy Capper and Fast Capper updates, too!

P.P.S. Longshot binges, monster exactas of late. Could it be the new pars? Nice!

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