First Post: Wednesday, March 15, 2023

James Hong, 94 years old now, a presence in the acting game for more than seven decades. You can see his performances flash through your memory, but the one that sticks with us the most is this fine scene from the original Hawaii Five-O. James Hong, thank you. You gave us of the non-ivory cast of skin and the subtle or severe slope of eye hope then, and hope today. Thank you!

Ambition is fleeting, but some hopes stay with you all the time. In this case, the prospect of  Mr. James Hong and Miss Melody Patterson sharing the screen in such close proximity and just a bit suggestively was always one kind of encouragement to us, that despite seeming impossible, someone on the television made it possible for a few seconds, and that was enough. Now, no one gets all up in your business about it, at least not anyone worth any kind of redemption. Thank you for normalizing this, Mr. James Hong. Congratulations on receiving your well-earned plaudits now.

BestLine Racing Society Recap

Gulf & Tampa from earlier. A grim & depressing day for the faithful. No good, Chollie, no good. Regrets!

In other news, it used to be almost always sunny here in Southern California; now we make our plans for the rare occasions it does not rain. Seasonal Affective Disorder is REAL! The calendar and the geographic coordinates tell us this is currently March in La-La Land, but it feels like March in NEW JERSEY! NEW JERSEY! Regrets!

On the literal & figurative bright side of life — shoutout to our new neighbor two doors up the hill, Mistah Eric Idle! — we might not have any precip until Tuesday, nearly a whole week. Can the sun come out, though, for even just an hour, like in that story by Bradbury? Thank you!

BestLine Racing Society Nightcap

PennNat now.


Race 2
#7 Sheza Rajun Cajun (.259 Win Prob / 2.86-1 Fair Odds / 3.63-1 Premium Odds)

Race 3
#1 Mischievousbud (.388 / 1.58 / 2.09)


Race 5
#6 Paynt by Number (.286 / 2.50 / 3.20)
#1 Purely Silver (.225 / 3.44 / 4.33)
#7 Along the Way (.164 / 5.10 / 7.54)
#8 Hidden Springs (.120 / 7.33 / 10.67)

Race 6
#2 Over and Thunder (.347 / 1.88 / 2.46)
#3 Factotum (.222 / 3.50 / 5.31)
#6 Once a Giant (.211 / 3.74 / 5.64)
#5 Ltl Bear Saloon (.181 / 4.52 / 6.73)

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