Tuesday Sniping: Bracing-for-Rain Edition

All right, all right, ya schadenfreude-loving killjoysz! It will rain but hard here toward the end of the week: the strongest precipitation event in the metro Loss-Ankh-Hell-es area for two years is on its way and not even Jackie Johnson can stop it. The drainage at Santa Anita Park in picturesque Arcadia, Calif., will be tested severely. Have your bumbershootsz at the ready!

Chas. Town
Race 2: #2 Vero Beach
Race 6: #7 Posh Acres
Race 7: #7 D D’s Destiny
Race 8: #3 Paco Smart
Race 9: #9 Tambopata
Bonkers Box (Race 6): #7 Posh Acres – #9 Coco Point – #2 Who We Gunna Call

Race 4: #6 Cuban Devil
Race 6: #2 I’m Sure
Bonkers Box (Race 6): #2 I’m Sure – #5 D’ Wild Affair – #10 Michael’s Trifecta

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Take care now.

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