First Post: Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Big Brea…king Weather

Roll the tympani, cue the violinsz!

Free ones: Rundown…

Gulf 4, 6, 7, 8, 10

Pay-side: Today…

Laurel 7
Tampa 8
Turf Paradise 4, 5, 8, 9

Today’s Stakes Pageantry: GP 7 on the free page. Check it.

Yesterday’s Activity: Man Utd. 2013-14: The gift that keeps on giving. This is becoming like that uncontrollable ski-jumper on the ABC Wild World of Sports opening — just when you think it’s all over, there are more tumbles on the way. Even RvP is fed up, ready to return to the Arse. Piers Morgan sent to the bench by CNN, but even he must find much consolation in all this losing by his archenemies. Gory, gory, Man Utd.! Fitba, bloody hell. Fitba.

WMF Report:

Chas. Town 4½f (WMF 775)

Nocturnal Submission: Sifting through the wreckage…

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. So long now.

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4 Responses to First Post: Wednesday, February 26, 2014

  1. KGreen says:

    Went to visit Dr. Jim & his 2 Cohorts yesterday. He was telling me about Tom Hamblen, a friend & also a Cohort, Passed away. He seemed pretty distraught. Did you Know him??? I was beggin for a winner, but couldn’t get nuthin except, take off a couple weeks and regroup. Cannot get to the wire in time or else get run down in the last few feet. You know. Even tryin the Dick Mitchell show bets that pay a little, every one 4th. Rains & pours Step Father a mini stroke> goin to assisted living. Real dad in hospital bleedin inside givin 4 units blood & lookin for the leak. Wife in ?Daytona> putting Aunt Marge in aassisted livin home. I’ve bought Extra white pants and shirts, along with a real shiny black belt pursuing my new career “ORDERLY”. Come on GP p-6, make me smile, The worse thing BEEZ FREEZ. Your rain in CAL. seems there may be a glimmer in the future


    The WeatherWoman?? Is she like the one you were fixed up with once by the guy I met at HDW {forgot name} That you worked with???

    • Shoutoute says:

      Slowly, the layers of the onion are unpeeled.

      It always ends badly for these horseracing guysz. Ambrose, Mitchell, Lloyd White, J. Goldsteinsz, etc. I am expecting to be a skeleton in the street any day now. Why can’t it instead happen to the guysz who really deserve it, like H. Goldbergsz & R. Mosszz? Ugh. Aloo! Aloo! Poor Tom’s a-cold! Aloo!

      I am sorry to hear about the health issues plaguing the Green Klan. I hope it all works out for you, Sir.

      That blind date was a disaster. She was a real looker, pixie blondie with razor-straight hair. We went to the Magic Castle, but she was interested in every other fellow over there. Clearly, she had impeccable taste!

      Tyvm for the Bluegrass Update. Waiting for the beer-cheese festival this year. Wonder if Sen.-elect Lundergan will appear. Lots of contradictions regarding the Commonwealth. Ali was from Loovull. So was Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. Res ipsa loquitur. Buy the ticket, take the ride!

  2. KGreen says:

    The word I hear is that Gov. Baa Sheee talked Lendergartin to run against Mitch so she wouldn’t run against his man for the gov of the commonwealth. Between you and I. LUNDY’s Catering, where Alice comes from, made their money haulin hemp {the good kind} instead of meals in the caterin trucks. Could that be true??? Food for thought!!!!!! Did get some action from them a while back

    • Shoutoute says:

      Love it! Love that Southern-style politix. Straight out of Rob’t. Penn Warren & Huey P. Long. R. Penn Warren was another Kentuckian! How do you stand so much culture! Keep your tail on the dashboard!

      You got a lot of stories. You should come out here and pitch them to the HBO.

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