First Post: Wednesday, May 15, 2024

May Gray descends upon the ’bu…

Yup, you guessed it. Haircut day today! Look sharp!

Your Gratuitous Horse Racing Tweet of Your Day:

Muth is now…
…mUTE (or moot)

What a difference a day makes! As befits the recent trend with these Triple Crown races, your hyped-up race-week lock somehow finds a way to be excluded from the post-time starting gate. Security! Security! Can I get a witness!

Add Gratuitous Racing Tweet of Your Day:

We <3 DelPark!

Opening Day of your 2024 racing season at Stanton, Del., today. 

We will never not love Delaware Park. After all, it was our first racetrack. And like that old beer commercial used to say, ‘You never forget your first…track!’

As well, it still reminds us of hanging out with our siblings & parents, getting asked, ‘Who do you like?’, strolling about the clubhouse, checking stuff out, etc. Even though it was just about 50 yrs. ago the first time, we still remember some of the names of the jockeys, like Nick Shuk, Wm. Passmore, Vince Bracciale Jnr. etc. (And speaking of old-timey jockeys, we always root for the eternal East Coast boys like Joe Bravo & José C. Ferrer Jnr., since they are perhaps the only two living riders who were around when our parents, now late & lamented, were. So, yes, whatever last-century connections remain extant to racing nowadays, we always support those faces & places.

BestLine Racing Society Recap:

At Cincinnati, #3 Raison Karter (.442 Win Prob / 1.26-1 Fair Odds / 1.71-1 Premium Odds) had the best rationale for winning Race 2 at $7.80.

At No. Randall, Ohio, Race 3 had #3 Right Trappe (.254 / 2.94 / 3.72) correctly containing his rivals at $16.60.

BestLine Racing Society Nightcap:

Wednesday now, so it’s currently Evangeline


BestLine Output: 15May24 2EvD
BestLine Output: 15May24 3EvD


BestLine Output: 15May24 1EvD
BestLine Output: 15May24 4EvD

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