First Post: Monday, April 22, 2024

Thirty seconds, contestants, good luck!

A chag pesacha sameacha to all our Hebrew brothers & sisters on the cusp of this first night of Passover. Why the music? The answer is on the jump page now. Go!

All right, all right, ya’ Exodus-seekers! Take it easy! Anyway, if you are familiar with how these Seder deals go, one of the rituals involves gathering all the youngsters to find the fabled afikomen, that bit of matzoh broken from the ceremonial giant piece and then hidden somewhere on the premises. Who ever finds this afikomen has the mazel, and plenty of envy from the rest of the children. Still nothing to do with Jeopardy! No!

Now, step-grandson goes to one of these religious-type institutions, and they get into the Passover spirit by looking for a mock afikomen at the end of each schoolday leading up to the holiday. And the kids search the classroom for that matzoh…AND THE JEOPARDY! THINK MUSIC plays during their search!

So that was the connection there. Good yontiff!

BestLine Racing Society Recap:

A couple of post-press-time connections to report from last night’s (Sunday’s) late action: At New Cumberland, W.Va., #3 Whisper Me a Song (.319 Win Prob / 2.13-1 Fair Odds / 2.76-1 Premium Odds) proved a winning tune in Race 3 at $8.60. At Arcadia, Calif., #2 Gavea (.197 / 4.08 / 5.09) won it for Rio de Janeiro at $16.80.

As for today, a compact schedule, but all in-play.

Starting as we often do on a Monday at Bensalem Twp., Penna., where #6 Far Mo Power (.142 / 6.04 / 7.45) ran to that billing in Race 10 at $17-even.

Over to No. Randall, Ohio, for Opening Day (!) there; in Race 2, #4 Brief Encounter (.256 / 2.91 / 3.69) stayed long enough to claim victory at $11.20. In Race 4, #5 Beautiful Score (.420 / 1.38 / 1.86) orchestrated the mild upset at $10-even; completing your winning $25-even exacta was #9 Lightening Lottie (.390 / 1.56 / 2.08), with the premium price on that comboa (comboa!) being $11.45.

BestLine Racing Society Nightcap:

The Mountain again…


BestLine Output: 22Apr24 2Mnr
BestLine Output: 22Apr24 3Mnr


BestLine Output: 22Apr24 1Mnr
BestLine Output: 22Apr24 8Mnr

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