First Post: Thursday, November 16, 2023

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Mirror neurons firing, mimicking reasonable form & technique

Sometimes after you do something a lot over years & years & years, you gain a baseline level of competence! Stroking!

BestLine Racing Society Recap

A couple of late connections to report from Wednesday’s post-press-time action: from Vinton, La.#4 Royal Consort (.345 Win Prob / 1.90-1 Fair Odds / 2.48-1 Premium Odds) and #6 Barahin (.144 / 5.94 / 8.72) combined on your winning Race 5 $63.40 exacta whose premium price was $48.21; at Grantville, Penna.#4 Perfect Hideaway (.252 / 2.97 / 3.76) was at least good enough in another Race 5, paying $10.40 up top, with #5 Golden Moonlight (.408 / 1.45 / 1.94) completing your winning $34.20 exacta whose premium price was $22.10.

Another late start for this racing day, Thursday, via, in chronological order, Woodbine, PennNat & Delta.

The opener at Grantville, Penna., went to #3 Mobeer (.384 / 1.60 / 2.13), who mugged for the camera for the winner’s circle photo at $9.80

BestLine Racing Society Nightcap

Staying in the Mountain State, but at the other Thoroughbred track there, Chas. Town.



BestLine Output: 16Nov23 2CT


BestLine Output: 16Nov23 7CT



BestLine Output: 16Nov23 3CT


BestLine Output: 16Nov23 8CT

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