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Sunny yesterday, sunny today, sunny tomorrow, and then it starts turning dark again, with rain forecast for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of next week…

So we try to get this here Weblog’s mascot Kevork K. Kanine out for a tethered bicycle jog at least once a week (sometimes twice!) when the clocks change and the sunset is later in the day. Of course, the weather has to cooperate, and yesterday it did, so we had our first seasonal trip. It was a gentle trot around the residential streets of Studio City, and it seemed like old times. The only thing missing was the accompanying audio broadcast of your Philalala Phillies, something that adds to the sensory experience of these tandem trips. 

We were OK without the noise, though, and it was good to get out for the exercise after so much drippy weather. As well, it was one of the first days in recent memory in which we did not have excessive mucus and phlegm production, where we could swallow without feeling like someone ground down the insides of our throats with a power-sander. You know when you’re sick and you wake up and you’re afflicted by influenza or the common cold or some kind of respiratory infection or allergies or all of those or any gross combination thereof; the first thing you want to do is hop in a hot, steamy shower and peel off all the pus that has caked over your still-sleepy eyes, and then when the vapors from the hot water kick-in, you need to expectorate all those different-colored lung-butters and lung-oysters that have built-up undisturbed while you were horizontally positioned during your slumber. Lung-butters! Lung-oysters! Ptui! Sickly green and vaguely brown, sometimes blood-streaked and tending toward orange. Ptui! And then you blow your nose under the hot stream of shower-water and out comes the mucus, mostly clear, but sometimes gummy, but always in a long, glorious strand. Mmmmmphbrrgfr! Now you can breathe again.

So we have been recovering, yes, and the bodyaches and muscle weakness and general fatigue and malaise from all these immune-system responses have been slowly streaming away. When you’re sick, sometimes you stay away from coffee and dairy and stick more along the lines of orange juice and hot soups and broths and throat lozenges. We are past that now, praise be Allah & Yahweh & all those phantasms, and now we are shooting back espresso and latte and so forth. 

Kevork K. Kanine never gets sick, so that’s a relief always!

BestLine Racing Society Recap

Golden Gate, Laurel & Oaklawn earlier.

In the opener at Albany, Calif., #4 Rancho Red (.245 Win Prob / 3.08-1 Fair Odds / 4.71-1 Premium Odds) was in the black at $15.80. Next race there, #3 Matchless (.470 / 1.13 / 1.55) ran to that billing in an $8.80 win; as well, #6 She’s So Fancy (.282 / 2.55 / 3.96) completed your winning $23.40 exacta whose premium price was $15.37. Finally, the premium price on the daily double in Races 1 & 2 was $29.12; it paid $66.20 in real life.

BestLine Racing Society Nightcap:

Turfway! Finally…


Race 6
#2 Pace (.351 / 1.85 / 2.42)

Race 7
#4 Quaria Comet (.316 / 2.16 / 2.80)


Race 5
#7 Erin’s Enthusiasm (.121 / 7.26 / 10.57)
#1 Fireside Kitten (.113 / 7.85 / 11.39)
#10 Miss Moon Pie (.111 / 8.01 / 11.61)
#12 Princess Nina (.109 / 8.17 / 11.84)
#11 Texas Magic (.107 / 8.35 / 12.08)
#4 Maureenlovesfrank (.106 / 8.43 / 12.21)
#8 Hat Tip (.089 / 10.24 / 14.73)

Race 8
#7 Risata (.176 / 4.68 / 5.82)
#10 Ain’t She a Pistol (.138 / 6.25 / 7.70)
#11 Mose Definitely (.120 / 7.33 / 10.67)
#3 Moon Party (.096 / 9.42 / 13.58)
#4 Yellow Creek Road (.089 / 10.24 / 14.73)


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