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Freeze the saint

Snap taken at St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic Church, Glendale, Calif. Good ritual yesterday, a christening.

We’re not usually pro-organized-religion on this here Weblog. Religion has done as much harm as good, it seems, and nowadays we don’t want to be part of what we deem today’s churchgoers in worship of a close-minded, blackhearted, exclusionary deity. We see these strivers and grifters and glad-handers trying to make an outward show of faith when probably they are just trying to get over on each other and become the supreme being themselves, the unctuous preacher, the vengeful cult-leader.

Yet yesterday we had a defenseless infant splashing in the basin of baptism, christened by a holy man not in a fancy suit and good shoes but in a black hood and vestments. We wanted to feel the GREAT SPIRIT inside the church, and perhaps we did. We want a house of worship where the people know their place beneath the GREAT SPIRIT, and the people SURRENDER to that spirit, not try to climb over it. We hope we felt it yesterday. We want a generous GREAT SPIRIT, not a tightfisted, miserly door-slammer.

As for the reception, these Armenians know how to party. As the world’s oldest Xian nation, Armenia had to do a lot of surviving while surrounded by the hostile Turks & Ottomans & other assorted avenging religions. Again, close-minded and blackhearted deities. So we celebrate with the Armenians who as recently as just over a hundred years ago had to suffer at the hands of the genocidal Turks.

We want the GREAT SPIRIT and people who understand how to SURRENDER to it. We don’t need small people wanting to be god-imitating tiny spirits. Thank you! Genatzt!

BestLine Racing Society Recap

Keystone / Phila. Park / ParXXX, Pimlico, Aqueduct, Woodbine, Los Alamitos Thoroughbreds (!) & Golden Gate were the early tracks.

In the opener at Aqueduct, #6 Excursionniste (.343 Win Prob / 1.92-1 Fair Odds / 2.50-1 Premium Odds) won at $8.60.

In the fourth there, #5 Printrack (.227 / 3.41 / 4.29) prevailed at $23-even. 

Then in Race 6, #4 Nagirroc (.260 / 2.85 / 3.62) was a $13-even winner.

In Race 5 at Los Alamitos Thoroughbreds, there was a low-priced overlay via #3 So Softly (.420 / 1.38 / 1.86) at $5.60, as long as you were willing to sacrifice 12¢ of your bonus. GREAT SPIRIT!

Keystone Racetrack / Phila. Park / ParXXX 11 was won by the undervalued #9 Society (.176 / 4.68 / 5.82) at $17.60. 

In the third at Pimlico, it was #8 Maya Prince (.286 / 2.50 / 3.20) and #4 Uncle Roamie (.133 / 6.52 / 9.53) in that order for your winning $82.60 exacta whose premium price was  $67.39.

Next race there, #5 Benandjoe (.129 / 6.75 / 9.85) paid $24.20 in an overlay win. 

Race 6 had #7 Noah Chance (.406 / 1.46 / 1.96) at a valuable $15.60. 

Woodbine 4 saw #9 Ishiyaya (.168 / 4.95 / 6.14) in a $24.50 surprise

BestLine Racing Society Nightcap

Chas. Town this time.


Race 4
#4 Miss Wild (.315 / 2.17 / 2.81)

Race 6
#5 Math Man Marco (.451 / 1.22 / 1.66)


Race 2
#6 Leah’s Legacy (.374 / 1.67 / 2.21)
#5 Martha’s Banner (.165 / 5.06 / 7.48)

Race 5
#5 In High Gear (.324 / 2.09 / 2.70)
#8 Jefferson Security (.211 / 3.74 / 5.64)
#2 Siente El Amor (.165 / 5.06 / 7.48)

So next time you pray to some kind of higher power or whatever, look for guidance maybe on how to surrender & serve instead of pulling your enemies down and getting over on your so-called friends? 

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