First Post: Thursday, November 18, 2021

How’s that MetaVerseThing going? They already got the systemic power-structures established in it? Are the Rohingas starting to be exterminated? What has Warden Zuckerberg now decreed? Just riffing here…

Real life comes standard with friction, and grit is required to get through it. On the other hoof, the attention merchants of our current commercial situation are trying to keep it as effortless as possible. It makes you think you have all the power in the world — even the real world! — just by touching a square of gorilla glass or taking a motion picture of yourself. That is what they give you for free, or maybe even take your money for. And, in the end, your eyes get crossed, your carpal tunnel syndrome worsens and the spread encircling your girth grows faster. 

The antidote: go swimming, go jogging, ride a bike, play hybrid soccer/jai alai with your favorite canine, take your kids or grandkids out for a walk, make a painting, write a journal, go to the physical racetrack, place your bets amongst the hordes of the great unwashed, commune with nature, people-watch on the sidewalk. In short, find the real pulsing, breathing, stinking, problematic yet wondrous physical models upon which this MetaVerseThing is based. End of homily. Don’t know where this desire to preach this morning came from. Yet here we are. As real as we could make it without physically shaking you by your lapels.


PennNat 3
#8 Wood Bee ($40.40, BestLine Fair Odds 6.09-1)

There was one selected Mahoning race yesterday. There was one win-overlay wager, and it was about as successful as Zack Wheeler of your Philalala Phillies Jawns was in winning your 2021 Nat’l Cy Young Award. Jawns!

WMF Report / Track-Trend Notes

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The Zongo Race Club suggests Delta 7, Laurel 9.


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