First Post: Monday, January 27, 2020

Always rooted against him, for many of the same reasons many other people rooted against him. Yet the marketers made him look human here, back in the early part of this century. And eventually he embraced his human side, similar to the way Andre Agassi did. La-La Land in stunned speechlessness yesterday and today. So, vale, Kobe.


Aqueduct 6
#6 Piedi Bianchi ($31.60, BestLine Fair Odds 4.29-1)

Golden Gate 7
#7 Gallant Heat ($26.60, BestLine Fair Odds 6.25-1)

Gulf 2
#5 Anothersongndance ($20.20, BestLine Fair Odds 5.99-1)

Gulf 9
#9 Babie Monster ($51.40, BestLine Fair Odds 6.75-1)

There were three selected Golden Gate races yesterday. There were five win-overlay wagers. There was a winner, at $26.60.

WMF Report / Track-Trend Notes

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The Zongo Race Club suggests ParXXX 5, 7, 8, 9, Turf Paradise 2.

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