First Post: Thursday, July 4, 2019

Yes, we know it’s the Fourth of July, but there was a bomb bursting in mid-air last night. Amazingly, that’s now five consecutive walk-off home wins for your La-La Land Los Doyers. It has been wild to watch, surely.


Albuquerque 3
#1 King Lebron (!) ($36.40, BestLine Fair Odds 5.80-1)

Belmont 1
#5 Zecha ($23.60, BestLine Fair Odds 7.26-1)

Canterbury 4
#5 I’m a G Six ($34.80, BestLine Fair Odds 7.06-1)

Emerald 3
#3 Brooks Harbor ($20.40, BestLine Fair Odds 6.87-1)

Indiana 3
#7 Jamming Cameron ($26, BestLine Fair Odds 6.87-1)

Thistle 7
#3 Patty’s Mischief ($61.80, BestLine Fair Odds 2.16-1)

Woodbine 2
#6 Scarlet Bow ($58.70, BestLine Fair Odds 7.13-1)

Indiana 5 (Low-Priced Overlay of the Day)
#7 Classy Cowboy ($9.60, BestLine Fair Odds 2.79-1)

Two selected races from Belmont yesterday, and there were three win-overlay wagers, one of which was a $10.20 winner.

WMF Report / Track-Trend Notes:

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Ellis Park (!) 2, 3, 7

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  1. halochef says:

    Yo! did you feel the Quake! the store camera at the store here in Vegas did a little shake!

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