First Post: Friday, December 21, 2018

PUIG YOUR FRIEND. We’ll miss these guys, certainly. Have a nice time over there in Zinzinnati with them.

Heart is hurting. Yasiel Puig terribly fun to watch over these last 6 yrs. He played CON MUCHO GUSTO! Going back to the bland Los Doyers now. Bland. Look like paste. Taste like paste. Bland. Pale. PUIG YOUR FRIEND. PUIG. YOUR. FRIEND. ¡Vaya con Dios, amigo! Hope Zinzinnati embraces your salsa picante.

Aqueduct 6
#8 Daria’s Angel ($20, BestLine Fair Odds 4.43-1)

Delta 2
#5 Mr. Four Sevens ($30.40, BestLine Fair Odds 5.25-1)

Delta 5 (Low-Priced Overlay of the Day)
#5 Donna’s Court ($10.80, BestLine Fair Odds 2.17-1)

Meaty part of the programme at Chas. Town arrives in Races 3, 4 & 5 tonight. The opener has two horses accounting for 86.4pc of the BestLine’s win-probability distribution. Miss Puig already.

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