Simulblast Edition: On-Line at The Short Line – Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Horses jumping out of computer screens since 1984

A doozie.


Horses jumping out of computer screens since 1984

July 24, 2018

    In This Issue
    First Week BestLine
    Winning Trainer Tricks, Explained
    Winning Trainer Tricks…NOW WITH BestLine
    BestLine, Explained
    Get on Track Now…
    First Week BestLine

How ya’ doin’ over there? Well, that’s good! How ya’ been doin’ at Saratoga & Del Mar? Here’s one man’s reckoning…

It’s magic, and it’s not. There’s a lot going on under the hood, and all you have to do is hitch the ride. We do the scouring, we do the figuring, we make the advisories — and you hit the longshots!

Now, why would you want this done? Don’t you enjoy the handicapping yourself? Of course you do! This is an advisory. This helps you fill out the blindspots and shortcomings (and, admittedly, if we’re honest, we all have these in our game) holding yourself back to top results.

Besides, it’s summer, and there’s plenty else going on. You need a hand, and we are happy to help yourself out.

Remember, no more Pick of the Day freebies. We value what we do, and we are more than willing to share it out. But as with any other product or service that’s good, it cannot be free. Until ‘murrika switches over to a different econo-political scenario, we will have to make the availability scarce. You know how it is. We’re all good capitalists, right!

So, if you miss your Pick of the Day…here it is…

P.S. Plus you get the Winning Trainer Tricks. We have profits on the BestLine side, and that’s just from blindly following the longshot advisories. Think how much better you can do with the full BestLine Fair Odds Betting Line, where you can get in on low-priced overlays and have more consistency than just bagging longshots. You get the Winning Trainer Tricks, the BestLine. We have taken our existing Winning Trainer Tricks service and added even more value to it, via the BestLine. It just gets better and better. Please, come join us on this new and refreshing journey. We miss you.
Get on Track Now…

Classical All-In-One V6 players or pencil-and-paper handicappers are going to have a good August. For the former, it’s time to fire up the HDW subscription so you can download the data into your favorite programme. If you are not up-to-date with your par times, worry not. We can fix that for yourself…

Get the pars, fire-up the HDW subscription for the data for your programme and then you’ll have a lovely August and beyond. You know you will.

Now, pencil-and-paper handicappers, it all begins with your par times, the good stuff. We show you how to take it from the pars to full-fledged pace-and-speed handicapping reports that will open your eyes to the full possibilities of Thoroughbred ability. Discover by doing…
Here we go. Now you can attack the entirety of your Saratoga 2018 & Del Mar 2018 armed with the acclaimed Winning Trainer Tricks PLUS the fresh new BestLine. Over 40 calendar days, over 80 racing days, more than 600 races, both the Winning Trainer Tricks and BestLine reports for all those races. That’s a lot of good stuff right there. Less than 20ยข a race! Not a typo. Your Winning Trainer Tricks for Saratoga & Del Mar 2018 ooze quality, class and, most important, VALUE. Step up your game over the next six weeks right here…

P.S. Thank you for your longtime support and kind consideration!

P.P.S. Discover by doing!

P.P.P.S. For the full range of products, resources and services, please visit our Online Store here:

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Week 2 of Saratoga & Del Mar 2018 starts tomorrow! Go get ’em!

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