First Post: Friday, July 20, 2018

Hey! How ya’ doin’ over there? Well, that’s good!

Yeah, the video in the lede here, it is manic & it is summer. This is for rocking out, now that Swampatoga & Del Mar are now both back in action.

From 0:20 to 0:40 and then from 0:40 to 0:52 and then from 1:38 to the end. All good. Rocking out! It sounds more like being on the beach at Del Mar, but this song also works well enough for Swampatoga. Use this song when you want to feel manic but don’t want to succumb to the popular tastes. This song serves your rocking-out needs without your having to resort to Kid RoXXX or Theo. Nougat. Thank you.

Now for some more news. No more Pick of the Day for NYRA, SoCal or Gulf. Sorry. We no longer have to prove our worth or do things for the ego. Rather, we are now taking our rightful place among the people and requesting payment for services. Sorry. Had to do it. We know you are used to free stuff from here and from the rest of the Interwebs, and maybe you still can get free stuff elsewhere on the Interwebs. But we no longer have to prove our worth or do it for ego. We now wish to receive payment. Thank you for understanding.

So, good luck for your Swampatoga & Del Mar seasons. We will try to help you when we can on some other tracks, but maybe we will have to charge yourself for that.

Meantime, if you ever miss us, check it:

So, no more Pick of the Day, not for the big tracks, at least. What about this here Weblog?

It’s always a challenge to maintain it during Swampatoga & Del Mar. We will consult with our handlers at GRU/KGB West and see what our tovarich overlords tell us. We obey their command.

Until then, peace out, and root for Mannie Machado (#8 now!) to do some good slugging for your La-La Land Los Doyers. Thank you.

Also, continue to rock out to this song. This is a rocking-out song. Thank you. Best wishes.


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2 Responses to First Post: Friday, July 20, 2018

  1. atlasaxis says:

    I just arrived at Saratoga for the 6th race today. What a mess the track was, but thankfully I was armed with Winning trainer tricks and BESTLINE whose selection for races seven, eight and nine absolutely blew up the tote board, And I would bet my bottom dollar that nobody but nobody except Best Line had those three races COLD!!!! A $56 winner in the seventh a $21 in the eighth for a combined $640 Ice cold Daily Double! A $10 winner in the 7th for another Daily Double of $126, And a Pick 3 $4,975!!! Mama freaking Mia, Cynthia Publishing,  Boys in the back room, show the world how it’s done!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Steve! 

    My only question to you Steve is how is the BESTLINE going to be made available to us? Will it be a new part of the ALL-IN-ONE program or by subscription? This new development is nothing short of Extraordinary! 

    Thank you again for all you do for us Steve, the old master Mister Mitchell
    has to be so proud of all you’ve done. Thank you again Steve.

    Warmest regards,

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