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Él es número uno

Ladies & gentlemen, your 2017 U.S. Open men’s singles champeen…Rafael…Nadal…NADAL!

Sixteen Grand Slam titles now, two for the current calendar year. He has been written off so many times, sustained too many injuries to number accurately, sat out multiple majors in more than a few seasons. But when something’s good, it’s never gone. ¡Vamos, Rafa! Class will out! Talent will out!

All right, all right, ya’ lawn-tennis fanatics! Take it easy! This here Web log is purportedly concerned primarily with Thoroughbred horse-race handicapping and wagering. Thus, what was the top win mutuel yesterday? The finale at Woodbine, and it was shouted-and-touted, outed-and-abouted Three Ring Circus, 15¢ shy of 23-1 on the toteboard. The race was wildly contentious, and ’Circus was shut-out of the Betting Line win-probabilities. Contentious, though, so perhaps the acceptable 83 on the LifeLiner Spread Column analysis was enough of a vital sign to consider him among the living. He went gate-to-wire and fought hard all the way around, keeping a stubborn flank in front at the wire after plenty of early exertion, never an easy proposition over the synthetic surface at Rexdale-Etobicoke Int’l. The win mutuel was $47.70. You had him, yeah? Well, that’s good.

For all our friends in the lovely city of Schenectady, N.Y., some guidelines for today. (We hope the English will be clear and there won’t be too much crap involved and that, yea, verily, there will be a little bit of useful information in there. But even if it is not clear and there is too much crap, well, now, we rather like it that way. Maybe that’s all that influence from reading Pynchon, Foster Wallace or even Faulkner, FFS, sinking in; but if we couldn’t write the way we do, we’d be just like all the other racing Websites out there, now wouldn’t we? Dull, obvious, unentertaining, loud, bombastic, heavy metal, chest-thumping, beefroid-damaged etc.)

All right, then, Schenectady, N.Y., let’s motor on down and over to Erie, Penna., for the proceedings this evening at lovely Presque Isle Downs. What we will attempt to determine, with the help of the Higher Power and the Other Higher Power Known As All-In-One V6, is the identity of two horses. One of those will be the likeliest winner on the card. The other will be the best live longshot (8-1 or higher on the morning line) on the card. Are you still with us, Schenectady, N.Y.? Good!

We’re going to bag the likeliest winner early. There were a few worthy candidates, but we’ll settle on the one in the opener, #1 Driven by History.

As for the longshot, Race 3 appears interesting for #2 Forget the Name, Dual Qualifier. We’ll see.

OK, Schenectady! Winter is coming to you up there, so if you want to engage in any lawn-tennis in the next few months, let us know and we’ll find a court out here for you.

Sources: All-In-One V6, 2017 PARS PLUS, LifeLiner Tutorial DVD.

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