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Sunny Thursday

Your Southern California holiday forecast presented by CBS2’s Evelyn Taft. From Studio City, everybody, Happy Thanksgiving!

Free ones: Rundown…

Aqueduct 8, 9
Del Mar 1, 4, 5, 6

Pay-side (Weekend/Weekday): Today…

Churchill 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Fair Grounds 5, 6, 9, 10
Golden Gate 5
Laurel 7, 8, 9, 10

Today’s Stakes Pageantry: Aqueduct 8 on the free page. Churchill 10, 11, Fair Grounds 9 on the pay-side.

Yesterday’s Activity:

Track (Win Mutuels $20+/Gettable)

Aqueduct (1/0) — Host Blueshirt Rangers larruped by Pgh., 6-1; Rick Nash scored the Nueva Jork goal.

Churchill (3/1¼) — Race 5 was contentious, and Old-School Champeens had Fair Odds of 6-1 on Humor, who had the last laugh by a clean nose at $29.20. The finale also was contentious, and there were Fair Odds of 6-1 on Cheatin Heart for the Old-School Champeens; Cheatin Heart was first at 16-1, but in a dead heat, paying only $12.20 instead of $34-plus. Oh, well. Good work.

Chas. Town (0/0) — Martinsburg church donates 575 turkeys to local agencies.

Delta (3/1) — Old-School Champeens in the winner’s circle again, this time in a contentious Race 3; Z Bonita had Fair Odds of 6-1 and won by a clean nose at $23.60. Good work.

Finger (0/0) — Canandaigua teen steals cold-medicine, then tries to rob Walmart.

Mountain (0/0) — Brooke Co. investigators looking for teen on the run.

Mahoning (1/0) — Section of SR 711 closes due to late-night crash.

PennNat (3/1)

Scroll down to the last item in the ‘Today’s Stakes Pageantry’ section. Thank you.

Race 4 was contentious, and Dual Qualifier Candip (93, 86) was more than good enough for the High-Octane Chancers and Progressive-Minded Eggheads; he had to rally hard, though, winning by a clean neck at $20.80. As well, 41-1 Measured, 81 on the LifeLiner Speed Column analysis, rallied even harder, nearly getting there before settling for the runner-up spot, completing your winning $593.60 (for $2) Bonkers Exacta Box. Good work.

Woodbine (2/1) — Dual Qualifier Hardcastle (95, 85) was a strong force for High-Octane Chancers and Progressive-Minded Eggheads in a contentious Race 4; he had to rally hard, though, without McCormick in support, before winning by a clean neck at $31.90. Good work.

WMF Report:

Aqueduct 1 1/16m (T)

Nocturnal Submission: Sorry, White Nation! Regrets, ’murrika! No Punkin Chunkin special on Science Channel this year. Too many accidents and injuries, so they scrapped the telecast. Maybe they can show all the carnage and blood and explosions on TrumpTV or stormdrain.alt. Oh, well. Happy Thanksgiving anyway!

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Pass the Brioschi.

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