First Post: Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ladies & gentlemen, behold: Cleveland. Or, as Eva here likes to put it, ‘Cleveland in Ohio’.

Free ones: Rundown…

Belmont 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9
Calder (a k a Gulfstream Park West) 4
Santa Anita 5, 6, 8

Pay-side (Weekend/Weekday): Today…

Golden Gate 7
Hawthorne 5, 6
Keeneland 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9
Remington 1, 6, 9

Today’s Stakes Pageantry: None today, but two 4-3 teams in your Pacific-12 Conference of the Collegiate American Gridiron Throwball hook up at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum this evening when Cal visits USC. Not going.

Yesterday’s Activity:

Track (Win Mutuels $20+/Gettable)

Belmont (1/1) — The finale was contentious, and first-time starter Bourbon Empire had Fair Odds of 4½-1 and had a slashline/connection-line readout of 12pc/13pc/14pc; he won by 4 at $42-even. Good work.

Calder (1/0) — Heat win at Orlando, 108-96; Hassan White scored 18 pts. and cleared 14 rebounds for Miami.

Chas. Town (2/½) — Race 6 was contentious with Fair Odds of 6-1 on Waking Dream for the Old-School Champeens; he won by 1¾ at $28.60. Good work.

Delta (1/1) — Race 3 was contentious, and debut-issue Atdabarwithmerrill had Fair Odds of 5-1 and a connection-line/slashline readout of 10pc/16pc/18pc; he won by a clean neck at $29.80. Good work.

Finger (1/0) — Canandaigua man punched baby in face.

Hawthorne (0/0) — Cubs beat host Cleveland, 5-1, to tie 2016 World Series at 1 game apiece; Kyle Schwarber had 2 RBI in the victory.

Indiana (2/2) — The opener was not contentious, but High-Octane Chancers and Progressive-Minded Eggheads were OK with Dual Qualifier Onemorequickone (87, 92); he was up-close throughout before winning by 6¼ at $26.60. In Race 5, contentious, the High-Octane Chancers and Progressive-Minded Eggheads were fine with English Flower, who barely qualified via an 81 on the LifeLiner Speed Column analysis; she rallied hard to win by 2¼ at $118.80. Good work.

Keeneland (1/0) — Fire damages apartment building in Lexington.

Mountain (0/0) — The Health Plan moving 70 employees to Wheeling ahead of schedule.

PennNat (1/0) — Host 76ers lose season-opener to OKC, 103-97; Joel Embiid had 20 pts. for Philalala in his NBA debut.

Remington (0/0) — See PennNat commentary.

Woodbine (2/½) — Old-School Champeens had top billing and Fair Odds of 2½-1 on the debuting Gator Spy, who won by 1 at $46-straight. Good work.

WMF Report:

Belmont 6f
Chas. Town 4½f
Finger 6f
Keeneland @7f

Remington 1m
Santa Anita 1m (T)

Nocturnal Submission: Sifting through the wreckage…

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Troll safely.

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