First Post: Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hey! Where’d everybody go? Miss ya!

Free ones: Rundown…

Belmont 2, 3, 6, 7, 9
Calder (a k a Gulfstream Park West) 2, 3

Pay-side (Weekday/Weekend): Today…

Hawthorne 5, 8
Keeneland 2, 3, 7, 8
Remington 4, 7, 8
Woodbine 1, 4, 5, 8

Today’s Stakes Pageantry: None today, but Game 2 of your 2016 World Series takes place this evening in Cleveland in Ohio.

Yesterday’s Activity:

Track (Win Mutuels $20+/Gettable)

Finger (2/1) — Race 6 was contentious, and Caleb’s a Survivor was acceptable to all — Old-School Champeens, High-Octane Chancers and Progressive-Minded Eggheads alike. ‘Caleb had Fair Odds of 6-1 and was a Dual Qualifier (88, 95) and went tail-to-wire to win by a clean neck at $26-even. Good work.

Indiana (2/1) — Low Tire in a contentious Race 2 was the same as the horse mentioned in the Finger commentary, but with Fair Odds of 5-1 and just the good-enough 82 on the LifeLiner Spread Column only; she went gate-to-wire to win by 1 at $21.60. Good work.

Mountain (1/1) — Race 6 was contentious, but only High-Octane Chancers and Progressive-Minded Eggheads had a shot with Dual Qualifier Night Patrol (80, 86); he was within range after the opening 2 furlongs and won by 4½ at $20-straight. Good work.

Keystone (3/1) — The opener was contentious and for Old-School Champeens, who had Fair Odds of 3½-1 on Sunshine Wild, who won by 6 at $39.60. Good work.

Portland (2/0) — Host Trail Blazers win season opener over Utah, 113-104; Damian Lillard had 39 pts. for Portland.

Zia (1/1) — The finale was contentious, but only High-Octane Chancers and Progressive-Minded Eggheads were in on What a Flag, whose 81 on the LifeLiner Speed Column analysis was just good enough; she rallied like the champion she should have been, winning by a clean head at $84-even. Good work.

WMF Report:

Belmont 6f
Chas. Town 4½f
Finger 6f

Nocturnal Submission: Sifting through the wreckage…

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Bye-bye.

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