First Post: Sunday, January 24, 2016


Full, or close to it

Neither ice nor snow but luna.

Free ones: Rundown…

Gulfstream Park Proper 8, 9
Santa Anita 6, 7, 9

Pay-side (Weekday/Weekend): Today…

Fair Grounds 6, 7, 9
Golden Gate 4, 6, 7, 9
Oaklawn 6, 9
Tampa 9
Turfway 5
Turf Paradise 5

Today’s Stakes Pageantry: On the free page is Santa Anita 7.

Yesterday’s Activity:

Track (Win Mutuels $20+/Gettable)

Delta (3/1) — It probably required a high-octane chancer to run down Race 8’s upsetter, Smudge ($25-even). Smudge was no worse than any of the others in a blurry LifeLiner Spread column analysis lineup, though the race did not appear contentious via the conventional Betting Line. Marginal playability for most, likely stab for high-octane chancers.

Fair Grounds (1/1) — Uh-oh. There was Plug Catcher, 15-1 winner of the sixth. A dual-qualifier (82 on LifeLiner Speed, 86 on LifeLiner Spread), ’Plug was buried at the bottom of the plain-old Betting Line, a Betting Line with a supposedly strong 9-5 Fair Odds top pick. Now what? High-octane chancers would have had to swallow hard, rip off the rearview and run over some other legitimate contenders to get there. A brave proposition, but not without some backing numbers in his defense.

Golden Gate (0/0) — Hyper Bowl L set for two weeks’ time in NorCal.

Gulfstream (1/1) — Race 5 was contentious — the Betting Line started at 5-1, and the fourth horse on it was listed at 6-1 Fair Odds! — so the whole thing was up for grabs. Thunder Run was one of the ones, a very good 89 in the LifeLiner Speed Column analysis putting him second in that category. Thunder Run won at 17-1, $37.20 up top. This was not that hard to blow-up. A single, struck matchstick with a nontrembling hand put to the touchpaper would have done it, no octane, butane, methane or Howard Sartinez, Ph.D. in Compulsive Gambling Truckdrivers Masquerading As Dancing Bananas, needed.

Sam Houston (2/0)

Sorry. You’re going to have the chorus playing in your head the rest of the day. Regrets.

Los Alamitos (0/0) — Orange Co. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim City slowly skating toward respectability.

Mahoning (2/2) — Race 4 seemed noncontentious, and we would have have not had the necessary octane to make a public tout; however, the winner, Feels Like Flying, did have the minimum 80 in the LifeLiner Speed Column analysis. Race 8 was a lot easier. It had a similar Betting-Line dynamic to the Gulfstream race above, and four horses were publicly touted. They ran one-two, good for a $30-even win mutuel and a $608.60 (for $2) exacta. Both the win-horse and the place-horse here were dual-qualifiers for your LifeLiner Speed and LifeLiner Spread columns. Howzat! As the late, grating Howard Sartinez, Ph.D. in Compulsive Gambling Truckdrivers Masquerading As Dancing Bananas, might have put it in ‘The Follow-Up’: ‘a dream exacta’. Wake up!

Oaklawn (2/1) — No public tout was issued on Race 2 winner Made Me Talk: morning-line odds too low, plus the race did not seem contentious-enough to the touters. No good, Chollie, no good. Made Me Talk had the unbeatable 99 in the LifeLiner Speed Column analysis, and he ran to that number, paying $26.80 to win. What are you gonna do?

Santa Anita (3/1½) — How do you begin to describe the eeriness of this card? Race 4 had the publicly touted Bonkersmate Silent Movies, 16-1, cross the wire in front but demoted to third for his inability to maintain a straight course. Ah, well. Hence the ½ rating. Then in the featured eighth, it seemed like a not-contentious race to the touters, so they backed off of any advisories. Lo and behold, here’s the great Lost Bus, 64-1 on the toteboard, with a third-best but still qualifying 81 on the LifeLiner Speed Column analysis. Hoo-boy. Lost Bus paid $131.20 to win. What kind of octane do you suppose Lost Bus required? Someone? Anyone? Sartinez?

Tampa (2/1) — This may sound familiar to yourself by now: the race is not contentious, no public-tout advisory is forthcoming. Yet the upset winner of the race has a very good LifeLiner Speed Column (or LifeLiner Spread Column, or both) rating to recommend it. So it was in Race 9 here: White Clover, $29.80. White Clover was nothing more than top of both the LifeLiner Speed Column and LifeLiner Spread Column (99, 98 respectively), and ran to that array, gate-to-wire. How long, o Lord, how long? Where have you gone, Howard Sartinez, Ph.D. in Compulsive Gambling Truckdrivers Masquerading As Dancing Bananas?

Turfway (0/0) — Synthetic surface a godsend right about now.

Turf Paradise (2/1) — Theme of the day: seemingly noncontentious race, an outsider from the depths of the Betting Line sneaks up with a good LifeLiner Speed Column analysis or LifeLiner Spread Column analysis (or both) and wins at a wild number. In this instance, meet Big Bad Janine from Race 5, $48.20 up top. Hope the Cards can also pull off the surprise, though one admittedly much milder than ’Janine’s.

WMF Report:

Gulf 6f, 7f
Santa Anita 1m
Turf Paradise 6f

Nocturnal Submission: Night off…

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Later!

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  1. Honeyman says:

    Monday the Honeyman is battling at Beulah Park . Speakin of MVR my wifes NEW 1/2 sister lives there. No one knew of her until DNA matching came along. Wifeys brother the geneology guru had the DNA whatever done & found that he had a match in Grove City. Dad who owned Big Sandy Hardware and the Secretary had a daughter , Oh My!. Little Susie Music. It was hush, hush for a while but now everyone is OK except 1 sister who fails to accept “reality”. HOO-BOY one never noze. An interesting E-Mail I had this morning.
    HONEYMAN®- with his imagination fired,especially at Beulah. No good Sunday no good.

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