First Post: Saturday, June 29, 2013

All-day siestasz. They need to be invented now.

Free ones: Rundown…

Belmont 4, 8, 10, 11
BFHollyPark 8, 9, 10

Pay-side: Today…

Arlington 1, 4
Churchill 2, 6, 8, 11
Lone Star 5, 6, 9, 10
Monmouth 2, 5, 9
Woodbine 4, 5, 6, 7

Today’s Stakes Pageantry: Bel 8 & Hol 9 on the free page.

Uh-oh. Vaunted Triple Threat Horsey status accorded to #3 Hollywood Talent in CD 7, the Grade III Bashford Manor. And that’s obviously what’s going on with the great #2 Wise Dan in CD 9, the Grade II Firecracker. Take care, would-be shark-drownersz!

Like with Wise Dan, #5 Obviously should run to that billing in the Hol 3, the Grade I Schumacher.

Also prohibitive: #3 In the Fairway in CT 4.

Maybe an upset chance for #3 Wynns Nighthawk in the seventh at Delpark, the Oh Say. Ditto #5 Our Pedroia in FL 7.

Crazy scenario forecast for NP 7 via the wild #3 Boomtown Brat and #7 Senor Rojo.

Fine night again in Altoona, Ia. Race 6 is the Grade III Oaks, and #2 So Many Ways and #5 Gold Medal Dancer are live in a zany scramble.

Yesterday’s Activity: Solarcaine, aloe vera, ice baths.

WMF Report: zOMG. Take your pick…

Assiniboia 6f
Les Bois 5f
Canterbury 6f
Churchill 6f
Calder 6f
Chas. Town 4½f, 6½f
Delpark 6f
Emerald 6f, 6½f
Finger 5½f
Indiana 5½f
Los Alamitos 4½f
Louisiana 5½f, 1m70y
Lone Star 6f
Monmouth 6f, 1m
Keystone 6f
Prairie 6f
Thistle 1m

Nocturnal Submisison: Night off…

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. So long now.

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4 Responses to First Post: Saturday, June 29, 2013

  1. halocheffer123 says:

    hello mr administrator!
    it appears new members who want to join the new message board are locked.
    if this is true, thank you
    look out there in lala land…..theres a certain Pittsburgh baseball team with the BEST RECORD in THE MAJORS! YOUR BUCCOS! yea baby!

  2. KGreen says:

    Was 102 this date in KY. last year & 79 today with low humidity. can’t Siesta from thinking of the “Ramsey’s” you know ,Big KEN. How can he look at his accomplishments with any pride & say I won knowing he bought them. Claim for 40 run back at 15. Any wonder why no prices at CD. Only thing happened good was I moved my plottin & analyzing to FL. Wonder if any of those horses were claimed???
    puttin in my Bite Guard now! ELLIS ELLIS ELLIS where are you???

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