Tuesday Sniping: Broccoli Is Health-Care Edition

Eat it — it’s good for you!

As well, helps boost testosterone levels — it’ll put some lead in your pencil over there!

Race 5: #5 Stand Fast

Chas. Town
Race 4: #1 Definite Humor
Race 7: #6 Take Pride Please

Race 5: #3 Trust N Path

Race 8: #5 Slammin’ Slew

Race 3: #9 Cherokee Vision
Race 6: #2 Ms Classic Play
Race 8: #10 Tonibegood
Bonkers Box (Race 3): #9 Cherokee Vision – #10 Big Red Okie
Bonkers Box (Race 8): #10 Tonibegood – #8 Vision Queen

Thank you. Best wishes. Please join us again tomorrow for the first “First Post” post of your new racing week. Until such time, it’s goodbye. So long.

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