Tuesday Sniping: Twi-Night Twinbill

All right, all right. Right races earlier, but the horseys were all wrong.

The proper longshot events were easy to spot; however, the right issues unfortunately were not. More to chew on from the Commonwealth.

Race 2: #5 Magic Tune
Race 4: #3 Wana Play
Race 6: #5 Sweet Tia
Race 7: #4 Profit
Bonkers Box (Race 6): #5 Sweet Tia – #7 Old Time Religion
Bonkers Box II (Race 7): #4 Profit – #5 Delaware Twitch

Race 4: #6 Nicetoseey’again
Race 8: #3 No Satis Action
Bonkers Box (Race 4): #6 Nicetoseey’again – #2 Flagged

No more today, but please join us again tomorrow for the first “First Post” post of your last week of racing at the Ancient & Western Spas. Tempus fugit. Until such time, it’s goodbye.

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