First Post: Sunday, May 29, 2011

Here’s a video with a racetrack in it!

The great Pavement band were notorious for numerous summer-sounding songs (“Gold Soundz”, “Trigger Cut”, “Date With Ikea”), but at least this one has a racetrack in it. Special thanks to the great Robert Nastanovich — the self-proclaimed second drummer — for his undying love of the Sport of Kings!

Free ones:

Belmont 7, 8, 9
Calder 4, 9, 10
Hollypark 6, 8, 9

Go get ’em!


Churchill 3, 8, 9
Monmouth 5, 7, 8
Woodbine 7, 9, 10
Arlington 4, 5, 6
Louisiana 6, 7, 9
Lone Star 7, 8, 9

Nothing horribly wrong with any of this lot, though the AP and the WO are not on the grass this time.

WMF Report:

Arlington 6f
Calder 6f (WMF 440!)
Chas. Town 4½f, 6½f
Emerald 6f
Los Al (zOMG)
Lincoln 6f
Mountain 6f
Monmouth 6f
Northlands 6f
Keystone 6f, 1m
River 5½f
SunRay 4½f, 6½f

Golden Gate 1 1/16m (T)
Woodbine 1 1/16m

Nocturnal submission: It’s come to this…teddible, teddible. Over at Los Al (!), the night’s second race finds a pretty bad morning-line fave. So we strike instead with #2 El Gran Bull. …Then in the fifth there, straight-up call for #7 Opus Cat. …

Thank you. Continue to have a safe and sane long holiday weekend.

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