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The Captain! Still in The League! Still relevant!

Yes, yes, yes, we are lousy for sports over here, especially the sports that have some element of randomness and crazy bounces and a bit of unpredictability attached. Hoopball & ’murrikan gridiron throwball are not those sports, given that the ball is directly handled by the, well, hands. On the other hoof, give us some athletic competition in which the moving object is directed by a proxy — chief among them, for us, are the hockey stick & the tennis racquet — and we get more excited. Fútbol, obviously, is supremely qualifying in this regard: LOOK, MA! NO HANDS!

Last night, the local big-league ice-hockey club, your La-La Land Los Kings, played Game 2 of their opening-round playoff series against host Edmonton, and it was hearts-in-mouths time for most of the contest. Three (count ’em!) leads were squandered by the Angelenos, two of those leads being of the 2-goal variety! And then they were trying to see out a precarious 4-3 advantage in the final moments of Period 3, but the home side and all its offensive talents, would not be denied. To overtime the game went!

If you know us, you know that we find some extra fascination in watching the spectacle of overtime playoff hockey, regardless of which teams are participating. Two overtimes is a treat, and beyond that, you cannot turn away; you simply do not want to miss out when that instant-win goal goes in. You need that resolution! Getting there, though, win or lose, is exquisite torture — exquisite.

So our local heroes, your La-La Land Kings, were in the sudden-death segment last night, hoping to atone for their recurring defensive inattentiveness during regulation play. It was hard to see them prevailing against the hostile Albertans in the stands, and the likes of McDavid, Draisaitl & Hyman on the ice.

But that’s why you watch, and that’s why the randomness of the bouncing puck (not even a ball!) makes for compelling viewing. So many close calls! So many near-misses! So many moments of madness followed by that one perfect instant in which space & time & physics & good fortune come together for the game-winner. So it was last night for your La-La Land Los Kings.

It may not happen again, they might not win any more games in this series. But this one will last long in the memory. Magic.

BestLine Racing Society Recap:

A couple of post-press-time connections to report from last night’s (Wednesday’s) late action: At Opleousas, La., #4 Tissa (.316 Win Prob / 2.16-1 Fair Odds / 2.80-1 Premium Odds) won Race 7 for the King of Ceylon at $14.60; completing your winning $50.40 exacta was #7 B Minor (.212 / 3.72 / 5.60), with the premium price on that comboa (comboa!) being $36.96. At Bell Rd., Phoenix, another Race 7, this one won by #8 Now N Later Gator (.353 / 1.83 / 2.40) at $7.20.

As for today (Thursday), another full slate.

Opening Day at Cincinnati, where Race 2 saw #5 Malthael (.408 / 1.45 / 1.94) and #3 Golden Text (.247 / 3.05 / 4.67) combined on your winning $29.20 exacta whose premium price was $21.99. In Race 7, #2 Spare a Dime (.174 / 4.75 / 7.05) did more than that for his backers in a $34.20.

In the Hallandale Beach, Fla., finale, which on today’s card was numerically Race 8, #7 Avellino (.205 / 3.88 / 5.83) won it for Campania in Southern Italy at $14-even.

The opener from Lexington, Ky., went to #5 Surace to Air (.605 / 0.65 / 0.98) was launched into the winner’s circle at $4.22. In Race 3, #5 Sugoi (.536 / 0.87 / 1.24) was amazing in both Japanese & English at $6.44. In Race 6, #7 Beaumont Red (.172 / 4.81 / 7.14) was in-the-black at $17.60. In Race 9, which qualitatively was also the finale, #10 Plum Tricky (.492 / 1.03 / 1.44) won it for the drupe family at $7.14.

BestLine Racing Society Nightcap:

Back to Chas. Town now…


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