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Everything’s a reboot these days. Surprised they haven’t considered taking-on the much-needed ALF redux project!

ALF — how shall we begin? Unlike all the prestige TV of nowadays, with so much snark, irony and inside-hipster dialogue, ALF was never that smart. Which is OK, because sometimes when you consume your entertainment, you don’t always need it to be overwrought or cerebral. On a hot day after mowing the lawn, for instance, you don’t want a hoppy snob beer; you want glorified Tiger Urine, like Coors or Bud, to quench the thirst and not to challenge your palate.

So it is with ALF in the sitcom world. ALF was always earnest, and even when you think he was being ironical, he was still being earnest if only because he didn’t fully comprehend the peculiar earthbound scenario he found himself in. It may have sounded like irony, but it was nonetheless earnest, if inappropriate to the episode at hand.

As well, we sympathize with ALF because he was the outsider. He was different. He was frequently misunderstood. He often had to hide out or else risk being exposed. As well, we appreciated how manic and freewheeling (again, without irony) he was at times, and his various addictions and compulsions. This was real to us. He frequently had to make the best of a hopeless situation, and unlike your antiheroes of Today’s Peak Television, ALF bore up the universe’s vicissitudes with grace (albeit a begrudging grace, mostly) and humor. Compare and contrast this to your various Dexter the Molexters (Dexter the Injexters!) or Walt W. Whites or Sol Goodbergs, who unimaginatively resorted to guns and drugs and violence to feel better about themselves. The SUNLIGHT OF THE SPIRIT seems to have escaped these modern TV giants. Current popular culture worships these guys but what exactly are they worshipping? Bad behavior? Beating everyone up? Antisocial manifestations of unaddressed character defects? Well, what?

Even with this new Frasier reboot (not to mention Will & Grace) going on, ALF would surpass them all. We no longer need all these pretentiously cultured poseurs telling us how to act and react. We want gut-level honesty in the form of ALF. Sometimes, you can be too clever for your own good, and that’s pretty much 99pc of your scripted television going on right about now. ALF will disabuse us of these self-important machinations. Indeed, we should get a petition up to do the ALF reboot. ALF will relieve us of the burden of our neverending fixations with irony and one-upsmanship and unwarranted cleverness. ALF, are you out there? ALF, we need you. Come in, ALF.

Arlington 7
#3 Just Blaze ($25.80, BestLine Fair Odds 5.90-1)

Belterra 8
#1A Crash Magee ($21, BestLine combined Fair Odds for coupled-entry 7.12-1)

Evangeline 7
#9 Song N a Cat ($32.40, BestLine Fair Odds 4.78-1)

Presque 1 (Low-Priced Overlay of the Day)
#1 Afterburner ($6.80, BestLine Fair Odds 1.15-1)

Up-front runners look solid for: Canterbury 6f, Chas. Town 4½f & 6½f & 7f, Ellis Park 6f, Evangeline 6f, Gulf 5f (T), Hastings 6½f, Indiana 6f, Los Alamitos 4½f, Marquis 6f, Monmouth 6f, Praririe 6f & 1m70y. Have at those frontrunners!

Maybe a low-priced overlay situation in Albuquerque 3. Humdinger taking shape in Ellis Park 1.

As the ol’ ALFer would say, ‘Here, Lucky, Lucky! Gimme four!’

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