Tuesday Sniping: Ivories Edition

Here we are with the Official Theme Song of the 45th President of the United States of America. Rage. Lost penny. Germanic composer. All the elements!

After all it is 8/8, and you know what has 88 keys? Yup! A piano! Sorry, though, Don Sr., the black keys are needed to get to that total. Regrets!

Race 1: #2 Holdingtherightcards
Bonkers Box (Race 1): #2 Holdingtherightcards – #5 Bustin to Get Home

Race 5: #D’ Cat

Race 1: #3 Alex’s Fast Lane
Race 3: #2 So Good to Go
Race 7: #10 Mountain Cry
Race 9: #1 Pass the Dice
Bonkers Box (Race 7): #10 Mountain Cry – #11 Police Escort – #1 Seve – #6 Final Ritual
Bonkers Box II (Race 9): #1 Pass the Dice – #12 Star of Sarava

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Rage safely.

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