First Post: Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good afternoon across all North American Time Zones this time, the last for your current calendar year. Good afternoon now.

Free ones: Rundown…

Aqueduct 9
Gulfstream Park Proper 9, 10, 11
Santa Anita 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Pay-side (Weekend/Weekday): Today…

Fair Grounds 6, 7, 8, 11
Golden Gate 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Hawthorne 9
Tampa 9
Turfway 4, 6, 8
Turf Paradise 5, 6

Today’s Stakes Pageantry: Gulf 9, 10, 11, Santa Anita 8 on the free page. Fair Grounds 6, 7, 8, Tampa 9, Turf Paradise 6 on the pay-side.

Tune-in to New Year’s Rockin’ Eve live and direct from Vinton, La., with #7 Zarb’s Gift, #8 Aaron’s Bluff, #10 Just Kissing Buck and #9 Hook seeking to ring-out 2016 with a parimutuel BANG! (this word sponsored by your hyperballistic friends at the NRA) in Delta 8. Shoot to KILL, Pierre!

Before that from the great Pelican State of Luzianne, it should be OK for morning-line fave #14 Jack Snipe’s (again, this word sponsored by your semiautomatic-toting good buddies at the Nat’l. Rifle Ass’n.) in Fair Grounds 9, the oversize field notwithstanding.

Santa Anita 4 no longer on the grass, but it’s hard to look past #5 Pretty Girl. She’s easy on the eyes, yeah?

High-Octane Chancers and Progressive-Minded Eggheads will take shelter with #3 All Shacked Up and #5 Wine N Divine in an indeterminate Turf Paradise 7.

Yesterday’s Activity:

Track (Win Mutuels $20+/Gettable)

Aqueduct (2/1) — The finale was not contentious, but High-Octane Chancers and Progressive-Minded Eggheads warmed-up to Glare Ice, a sufficient 84 on the LifeLiner Spread Column analysis; she went tail-to-wire to win by 2¼ at $55-even. Good work.

Chas. Town (1/0) — Harpers Ferry to install paid parking for visitors.

Delta (2/1) — Race 6 was contentious, and players of all stripes took to the skies with Dual Qualifier Flying Cat (99, 91), Fair Odds of 5-1; he was a forward-factor throughout, winning by 1¼ at $42-straight. Good work.

Fair Grounds (1/1) — The opener was not contentious, but High-Octane Chancers and Progressive-Minded Eggheads did not find a deplorable horse in Basket of Dreams, 81 on the LifeLiner Spread Column analysis; she went gate-to-wire to win by 4¾ at $74.20. Good work.

Golden Gate (1/0) — Host Sharks blank Philalala, 2-nil; goalie Aaron Dell posted his first career shutout.

Gulf (1/0) — Visiting Heat edged by Boston, 117-114; James Johnson scored 22 pts. for Miami.

Hawthorne (0/0) — Visiting Blackhawks edged by Carolina, 3-2; Michael Kempny and Vinnie Hinostroza were the Chicagoland goalscorers.

Los Alamitos (0/0) — Visiting Ducks edged by Vancouver in OT, 3-2; Ryan Getzlaf and Rickard Rakell scored for Anaheim.

Laurel (0/0) — Host Wizards thrash Bklyn., 118-95; Trevor Booker led the losers with 16 pts.

PennNat (0/0) — See Golden Gate commentary.

Santa Anita (2/½) — Old-School Champeens only for the contentious opener, courtesy of Public House, Fair Odds of 6-1; she won by a clean head at $27.60. Good work.

Sunland (0/0) — City of Sunland Park extends city manager’s contract.

Tampa (4/1) — The opener was good to players of all stripes, with debut-issue Here Comes Doc, Fair Odds of 9-5 and with a connection-line/slashline readout of 22pc/14pc/24pc winning by 3 parts of a length at $23.80. Good work.

Turfway (2/1) — Race 5 was contentious amongst the experienceds, but only High-Octane Chancers and Progressive-Minded Eggheads bagged Mooose, 81 on the LifeLiner Spread Column analysis; he went gate-to-wire to win by a clean half-length at $26.40. Good work.

WMF Report:

Keystone 6f
Tampa 6f
Turf Paradise 6f

Golden Gate 1m
Gulf 7½f (T)

Nocturnal Submission: Sifting through the wreckage…

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Twenty-sixteen OUT!

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