Monday Boxing: Immortal Jake Arrieta Edition


Chase chases

L.A. Doyersz victimized via no-hittersz twice in the past nine days.

Race 3: #6 Go for Guinness (early) – #5 Bearrock N Roll (final)
Race 6: #7 Rebus – #6 Wonder World

Race 4: #6 Acrobatic Tactic – #2 Patricia&rsquos; Image

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. So long now.

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2 Responses to Monday Boxing: Immortal Jake Arrieta Edition

  1. KGreen says:

    The “PACKAGE” was to arrived today. Do not want C.Mac. to suffer. Whatever C. Mac. wants C. Mac. getz. Let me know immediately if it does not arrive. Made my monthly trip to G’Town today after a 3 Month hiatus. All 3 gave me a good lookin over. Rich even came out of his cubbie hole to give me a goin over. They had decided if I had not come up for air they would Investigate. It made the HONEYMAN feel good. They ALL seemed to bee “fairing” well. Ron didn’t believe me about Monsanto’s Flyin Ants so, like everything else you say to him, he looks on computer and reported that I did not LIE. They have always made me feel welcome, just as the Studio City Crew. Thank all of you very much. I did get lucky yesterday with a 32buck payer in the 6th , I think, at SAR. and a 14.6 one today. I forgot a HOLE lot in past few months. I downloaded 1YR track models ???? and forgot how to enter date for results. It came back tho. Ron wants to rent out motel rooms and re-rent B. C. weekend. he’s worth partnerin-up with?????
    All seriousness- let me know about the HONEY.
    The HONEYMAN with circle R

    • Shoutoute says:

      HDW is good people; after all, they have put up with our benign neglect for going on 20 yrs. now — 20 yrs.! Still the same price for data in 2015 as in 1995. What’s (not) up with that!

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