First Post: Thursday, April 30, 2015

UrbanJurassicAviary from Steven Unite on Vimeo.

Up here on the Second Floor of the Home Office in the Hillsz overlooking Studio City, Calif., the suburban birdiesz frequently fly within view of the windozen. Hummingbirds buzz and hover in a misguided hunt for nectar, something the snarling dronesz, filled with urine and acetic acid, are not ready to surrender behind the glass. Or else the occasional squeaky-winged dove or the wayward, caw-cawing black crow lands on the neighboring roofs. And then you get this…

This was completely surprising. It is doubtless a sign from the Heavensz, as though Hitchcock hisself was trying to warn us of something beyond all human understanding. We will be vigilant for an approaching earthquake or giant ball of smog come to claim us shortly. Tyvm. Ultra-spookie and hyper-ominous.

Free ones: Rundown…

Belmont 6, 7
Gulfstream Park Proper 4, 7
Santa Anita 2, 3, 6

Pay-side (Weekend/Weekday): Today…

Churchill 8
Golden Gate 4, 5
Pimlico 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Today’s Stakes Pageantry: None today, but Anaheim Duxxx and Blueshirt Rangersz resume their hard skating (is that an oxymoron? tough sledding?) toward a showdown in the Major League Ice-Hockey Tournament Finalsz. Best wishesz.

Yesterday’s Activity: Detroit City out, Tampa survives. Portland, Ore., finished.

WMF Report:

Chas. Town 6½f
PennNat 6f
Santa Anita 1m

Nocturnal Submission: Chas. Town 2 (7:31 p.m. EDT / 4:31 p.m. PDT) has #10 Erin Styles ready to do her part toward a runner-up finish. …Evangeline 6 (8:55 / 5:55) is not on the turf now, and the actual odds on these guys will be much lower than their morning lines, but #8 Social Misfit and #3 Buggin Out will be OK here. …

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Fly safely.

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