Tuesday Sniping: ‘Literally May Kill Him’ Edition

‘One morning I walked with George Foreman for the better part of an hour. Nobody was paying any attention to George, and it didn’t seem to matter to him at all. He just went on his cheery way, totally confident that he would surprise the world, but not himself.

‘When I finally left George, I bumped into Red Smith, the famed columnist. I asked Red how he thought the fight would be. “Might be pretty good,” he said, “for seven rounds or so.” The inference was that Frazier would clearly have his way with Foreman. Then he asked, “What do you think?”

‘I grinned broadly. “I think Foreman may kill him,” I said. “Literally, may kill him.” — Howard Cosell, from Cosell by Cosell, on the hype before the Jan. 22, 1973, Geo. Foreman v. Jos. Frazier heavyweight title bout

Red Smith, Howard Cosell…two journalistic legendsz inescapably tethered to the heyday of Thoroughbred racing in the United States. Had Cosell been alive to chuckle over all this nonsense hooplah going on for two welterweightsz a few years beyond their sell-by datesz, he very well may have skipped the entire circus, hopped a DC-10 to Churchill Downs and said something funnie about Dortmund or American Pharaoh instead.

Surely he would have been screaming, so as to be heard in Las Vegas from Louisville: ‘I THINK MAYWEATHER MAY KILL HIM. LITERALLY MAY KILL HIM.’

Race 7: #1 Cha Bona
Race 8: #2 D. C. Gene

Race 2: #7 Glossed and Found
Race 4: #1 Stormin Wild
Race 5: #1 Dream Mon
Race 6: #10 Chardsey
Race 8: #10 Morgan’s Raider
Bonkers Box (Race 8): #10 Morgan’s Raider – #7 Mud Socks

Race 5: #5 Montana Dream
Race 8: #1 In My Book

Race 1: #2 Guyana Express
Race 2: #4 Souertime
Race 4: #5 Springers Point

Race 3: #5 Cowabonga Dude
Race 8: #6 Full of Sass
Race 9: #9 Fesstune
Bonkers Box (Race 3): #5 Cowbonga Dude – #7 Shotgun Gage
Bonkers Box II (Race 8): #6 Full of Sass – #5 He Sips Bourbon

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Bye-bye.

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