Monday Boxing: Sea of Galilee Edition



Also being retold this week, Tales From The Red Sea.

Race 3: #7 Emily Grace (early) – #4 Its Up in the Air (final)
Race 4: #2 Sunshine Always – #1 Quality Hey
Race 8: #3 Bella Lou – #6 Rock Hard Doll

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Sail safely.

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3 Responses to Monday Boxing: Sea of Galilee Edition

  1. halocheffer123 says:
    • Shoutoute says:

      Catch & release. Who is the Game Warden over there, Dr. Albert Schweitzer?

      Also, is it SQUEAKY BUM TIME for the Pensz and their many fans in Appalachia? Flyersz handled them AGAIN. Now they are trying to keep their playoff berth from swimming away from them!

      On the other hoof, the Pyritesz are in the Top 5 of the preseason Power Rankingsz. A J Burnett back on the squad, too!

      Hope you had a happy Easter over there.

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