Tuesday Sniping: Kanpai, Daniel-san! Edition


Like drinking rice-rinsing water!

Or, as Ned Reldem, Esq., likes to call it, ‘Shapiro Beer’.

Actually, this stuff and Coors (regular, of course) etc. are nice to pair with eating, since they don’t get in the way of the food. Ya got that, ya IPA-swishing hipstersz?!

Race 3: #2 Tope
Race 8: #6 Bonaventure Magic

Race 3: #4 Ima Smokin’ Gun
Race 7: #5 Salute the Music

Race 7: #5 Powered by Stewie
Bonkers Box (Race 7): #5 Powered by Stewie – #7 Take a Walk

Race 2: #7 Mr Weaver
Race 7: #7 Tahoe Warrior

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Next time!

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