Tuesday Sniping: Additional Botany Edition


Gratuitous flora

Some colour to brighten your otherwise drab and dull post-long-weekend Tuesday.

Race 4: #3 Straight Thunder
Bonkers Box (Race 4): #3 Straight Thunder – #5 Sea Ya Sister

Race 3: #3 Possible Prospect
Race 5: #1 R. Stewart

Race 1: #4 Gear Jammin Johnny
Race 3: #7 Ninety Grand
Race 9: #3 Faith and a Prayer

Race 2: #9 Legendary Ridge

Race 6: #5 Evelyn’s Colors
Race 7: #10 Silver Arch
Race 9: #4 Dynamic Strike

Race 1: #3 Shall We Gather
Race 3: #2 Trippydoodle

Thank you. Best wishes. Fort Erie (!) and SunRay later, as applicable. Until then or until any other next time, it’s goodbye. Later!

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