First Post: Friday, February 28, 2014





Cleansing the palate of all that cheezeykake…

Free ones: Rundown…

Aqueduct 6, 7, 9
Calder / Gulf Calder 8, Gulf 6, 7

Pay-side: Today…

Golden Gate 6
Hawthorne 4, 5, 8
Sam Houston 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10
Laurel 3, 5
Oaklawn 2, 6
Sunland 8
Tampa 5, 10
Turfway 2

Today’s Stakes Pageantry: DeD 9 has morning-line second-choice #4 Ramon’s Wildcat as one of ’em Triple Threat Horseys.

Yesterday’s Activity: A washout, just like the current weather out here. Maybe some mutuel sunshine will poke through for this space some other day. Next time!

WMF Report:

Chas. Town 4½f (WMF 900), 6½f
Fair Grounds 6f
Sam Houston 6f
Sunland 6f
Turfway (!) 6f (WMF 237)

Nocturnal Submission: Sifting through the wreckage…

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. So long now.

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