Monday Boxing: Claire Danes Edition

It was about 10 years ago, after a taping of one of the various game-show appearances. There used to be a Dairy Queen at the corner of La Brea and Sunset. Now it’s an overpriced coffee joint — you probably know which one. Was standing in line behind some guy named B. Affleck. He was with Claire Danes, whose face was scarred with bad acne, even though she had already passed puberty many years earlier. He approaches all the other patrons in the line with his hands in his pockets, asking the little people: “Do you have change for a hundred?” No good, no good. Have only wished him ill ever since.

Fort Erie
Race 8: #8 Flashy Episode (early) – #3 Silver Silhouette (final)

Race 1: #6 Secret Infatuation – #8 Faster Than Flash / #1 Decolator

Race 5: #7 This Ain’t No Bull – #8 So Bold

Race 4: #2 Always On a Quest – #1 Fisticuff
Race 5: #3 Shotgun Sinner – #1 Hard to Get Up / #2 Lover Lex
Race 7: #1 Hold Me Molly – #9 East End Housewife

Thank you. Best wishes. Please join us again tomorrow for the see-what-sticks-to-the-wall free-for-all and weekly minor hit known as “Tuesday Sniping”. Until such time, it’s goodbye. So long.

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