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We don’t shill for just any information resource. So here goes…

Yup. About four weeks away from your favourite meets of the year: Saratoga 2018 & Del Mar 2018. We have the stats, the traditions and histories of these trainers — all of them. Some are obvious (boy, are they obvious!), others are on-the-sly, shifty. How can you figure it out? If you have delved through the records of the last 15 or so years, well, then, congratulations: we have nothing to offer you. But, on the other hoof, if you have not done the necessary heavy lifting and spadework, well, then, we may be able to help you.

As well, we are enjoying the fruits of the BestLine analysis, similar to on Belmont Weekend 2018. If you like that sort of thing, this year’s Winning Trainer Tricks will include value-plays in the win pool, across the full spectrum of prices, to help you isolate the best bet for the odds, to assist you in your various high-flying vertical exotics and your assorted horizontally oriented multiple-win-exotics. Yea, verily, this year’s Winning Trainer Tricks comes at you better than ever. Because we like you. Probably.

So, if you have ever enjoyed your Winning Trainer Tricks from years past, or if you enjoy the BestLine analysis we have sometimes fed you, or if you are new to the whole concept and simply need extra information to guide you through these exciting meets of Saratoga 2018 & Del Mar 2018, it’s never too early to get on-board. Eighty or ninety racecards over both meets, every race treated every day. Comprehensive, and it leads to insights you might not have been able to glean on your own. We are here to help. Discover by doing. Again, your information is over here:

Fleet Frontrunners
Arapahoe 4, 8
Belmont 6
Belterra 8
Churchill 10
Chas. Town 8
Fairmount 4
Gulf 10
Hastings 2, 6, 7
Indiana 7
Marquis 5
Northlands 5
PennNat 3, 5, 6, 7
Prairie 6, 7, 8

Fast Final-Furlong Phantasms

Favorable Faves*
Arapahoe 8
Assinbioia 3
Belterra 8
Canterbury 7
Chas. Town 3
Evangeline 3
Fair Meadows 4
Hastings 2, 7
Los Alamitos 1
PennNat 1
Prairie 7
Ruidoso 8
Santa Anita 4, 6, 7, 12

Freakazoid Factories
Canterbury 4, 5
Churchill 8
Emerald 3
Laurel 11
Marquis 7
Monmouth 9
Pleasanton 9
Thistle 10
Woodbine 9, 10

*-morning-line faves only, including those bumped-up to morning-line-favorite status after accounting for raceday scratches and changes, which are current as of 2:34 p.m. EDT; no-go if race switches surface or if any part of coupled-entry scratches; no one under 18 admitted

-raceday scratches & changes unavailable at press-time; proceed at your own risk

YESTERDAY’s Fine Finishes
Laurel 10
Lone Star 5
Prairie 5
Santa Anita 3

-High-Octane Chancers doin’ it exclusively with All-In-One V6 and its LifeLiner Speed Column analysis and LifeLiner Spread Column analysis, without regard to operational definitions of faves or freakazoids; thank you!

OK, ya’ Saratoga & Del Mar fans. Best wishes!


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