First Post: November 30, 2017

Olivier Giroud, the goalscorer here, supposedly is the handsomest man in the Premier League, and we cannot argue against it. Here is a tricky little bit of tiki-taka from the Barçenal, who were inhospitable hosts to abject Huddersfield, turning on the style and thrashing them 5-nil last night. Come on, you Gunners!

Frontrunners on parade in Chas. Town 2, Chas. Town 5, Chas. Town 6, Delta 6, PennNat 1, PennNat 4.

Favorite-type runners look OK in Chas. Town 4, Chas. Town 8, Fair Grounds 9, Remington 5.

Freakazoid runners are ready to unleash our robot (pronounced: ROE-butt) overlords in Delta 7, Hawthorne 8, PennNat 4, PennNat 6.

Turn-on the style. You’ve got to do it with style.

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