Monday Boxing: Immortal Rhys Hoskins Edition

Well, Fightin’ Phils fans, another dreadful season is nearly over. Yet there is some ray of hope in the form of this young man.

As well, he started this crazy triple play against Chicagoland earlier in the contest:

Who knows? Maybe Mike Trout can be convinced to join this guy in the lineup, and that might start the whole attraction going. Attraction rather than promotion! That sounds familiar. Look out, Cody Bellinger!

Race 7: #8 Miss Bellamy (early) – #7 Rose of Sicily (final)

Race 1: #4 P B Bolt – #3 Kelson
Race 4: #2 Morning Blurs – #1 Jazz Lady

Race 2: #5 U Can’t See Me – #2 Mission Critical

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. Grateful to be able to still appreciate béisbol.

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