Monday Boxing: Immortal Solar Eclipse Edition


Watch the celestial bodies

OK. Well, how was that for yourself? Did your pets freak out? Are your eyeballs unharmed?

Minimal effect here in La-La Land, only 70pc coverage, they said. On the ground, no real darkening of the daylight, there’s been more dimming from a passing rain cloud during a sun shower. Pity.

Race 2: #7 Rock Concert (early) – #3 Ambidextrous Duke (final)
Race 4: #2 The Odds R Good – #4 Burnum
Race 5: #6 Mr. Finch – #7 European
Race 8: #2 Catchmeifyoucant – #5 Mardi Gras Mabel

Thank you. Best wishes. Goodbye. So long now.

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